March 2022

ICEQ 2022

The International Conference on Education Quality

Inclusion, Equality And Diversity In Education: Critical Perspectives, Global Challenges And Local Needs

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Conference Timetable - Overview

Welcome and Reception Evening

Educational Tours,  Registration, SIGs, Meetings, Welcome and Reception Evening with Moroccan delights

We hope you will join us for the official welcome address and reception evening. You
will sample a taste of the Moroccan music and culture. You will hear some brief
welcome presentations from dignitaries, students, and the Conference Chairing
Group. You will have an opportunity to network and find out more about the
conference aims, structure and organisation. Light refreshments will be provided and
delegates will be encouraged to ‘meet and eat’ together after the event, at some
local venues. Transport will leave from the Anenzi Tower hotel at 4.30. and depart
from the venue at 7.15 p.m, to the main tourist area and the hotel. The registration
desk will be open. No ticket is required for this event, which is open to delegates and

Conference Dinner

Opening Address, Opening Keynote, Symposia Presentations, and Conference Dinner


Keynotes ..

Keynotes, Panels, Symposia, and Closing Ceremony


Cultural Programme

The online conference programme includes a Taste of Morocco. You will see local children demonstrating aspects of the country's tradition and history, including music, fashion and song. You will hear from pupils about their views on Inclusion, Equality and Diversity. You will watch a short 'play' created by the children about gender difference.


We are delighted to announce that the call for abstracts for the 5 th International Conference on Education Quality:
Inclusion, Equality and Diversity – Critical Perspectives, Global Challenges and Local Needs

to be held at the Innovation City, Agadir, Morocco

9 th – 11 th March 2022

 is now open.

Conference Strands


Making Inclusion and Exclusion Visible

Making Inclusion and Exclusion Visible: ‘Special Educational Needs’, Disabilities and Beyond

Maximizing Participation through Systems and Processes

Maximizing Participation through Systems and Processes: National and Local Policy Initiatives

Making Equity Possible

Making Equity Possible: Social, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and Intersectionality

COVID-19: Challenges, Opportunities and Inequalities

COVID-19: Challenges, Opportunities and Inequalities in Educational Contexts

Creating Inclusive Learning Communities

Engaging with Key Stakeholders, from Policy to Practice.

Promoting Inclusive Communities and Cultures

Promoting Inclusive Communities and Cultures: Using Technology

Developing Inclusive Policies and Practices for International Migrants

Developing Inclusive Policies and Practices for International Migrants

Meet our Keynote Speakers


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